What Quarter Lifers Need: Clarity

Many quarter lifers today are grappling to find a clearer picture of what fuels them, what they need to pursue, and what their purpose is. They are in need of some serious soul searching, life mapping, and goal setting to get to the place of clarity that they are craving.

So WHY are quarter lifers lacking clarity and direction in the first place?  For starters, you’re probably new to this…to the whole grown up thing, especially if you’re in your 20’s.  Suddenly, without the structure of school, life can feel like one long road with a whole lot of unknowns. I love this quote from The Defining Decade by Meg Jay; a 20 something puts it perfectly:

 “The twentysomething years are a whole new way of thinking about time. There’s this big chunk of time and a whole bunch of stuff that needs to happen somehow.”

Not to mention, these two decades are a time for some HUGE life moments. Like career finding, house buying, relationships, baby making, and financial growth. It’s important to note that not all of these moments are meaningful to all folks, though. I’m not saying that everyone will or has to experience these things. And we’re talking in regards to the western world here ­ obviously this stage of life looks different across the globe.

Another contributor to the lack of clarity is generational. Currently, millennials make up the quarter life population and one of the major characteristics of this generation is that we were raised by parents who told us that we were special. An article called Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy by Tim Urban follows the story of a fictional millennial named Lucy and explains that “Baby Boomers all around the country and world told their Gen Y kids that they could be whatever they wanted to be, instilling the special protagonist identity deep within their psyches”.

This has led to an overwhelming number of millennials jumping into the real world and being horrified by the fact that their reality doesn’t meet their expectations and that life is, in fact, a CHALLENGE.

I think another factor is this illusion of ‘time’. How often has someone asked you about your future, you reply with hesitancy about still trying to figure it out, and they respond with, “Well that’s okay, you have so much time!”?

This isn’t a real thing!

Time is an actual tool that you have and it’s one that is forever running out. It’s so unfortunate that we send this message to young people and then let them learn the hard way when they find themselves at 30 in unhealthy relationships, underemployed, and with no sense of what really makes them happy.

I also see a common thread among the quarter lifers in my circle who fear commitment and permanence. I can’t say for sure what this mindset is a symptom of but it makes goal setting and intentional living really difficult when you can’t stick to something and really just DO IT. Meg Jay says: “Goals have been called the building blocks of adult personality, and it is worth considering that who you will be in your thirties and beyond is being built out of goals you are setting for yourself today.”

So this is where The Courage Collective’s one on one coaching comes in!  I can work with you to get clear on your personal mission, wants, needs, and direction.

What You’ll Gain:

>Clarity on your goals, direction, journey, and purpose

>A personal mission statement that allows you to better articulate who you are

>More control of your present life and decision making skills >Increased confidence in yourself and your journey

>A concrete set of goals ­ short term and long term that are attainable, real, and inspired by what makes you most happy

>The tools to inspire drive and motivation within yourself in order to accomplish those goals

You’re probably thinking, that sounds great but how…

What We’ll ACTUALLY Do:

>Creative and hands on exercises to reveal your interests, passions, skills, and potential path >Identify your personal barriers to clarity and direction

>Goal setting one on one as well as homework

>Meditation and mind mapping for happiness and purpose finding

>Writing of a personal mission statement

>Creation of an audio script based on the goals and action plan for your present and future

If some or all of this is speaking to you, please connect with me!  It takes courage just to reach out and ask for guidance so I understand your hesitancy.  You can do it though.  Wanna know why?

Because…you are worthy and you are beautiful!



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