What’s In The Way?

One of the things I’ve learned about making progress towards your goals is strategizing to break them into bite sized pieces that are manageable and far less daunting than the big picture.  This is where I really thrive when working with my coaching clients because I bring them the tools to break down a goal into small daily and weekly tasks that ultimately get you to where you want to go while avoiding the stress and maximizing the happy-making!  I think what’s so important to do when setting goals is to first identify what’s in your way.  It’s easy to bypass an essential step or sub-goal in the process and wind up having a more difficult time when climbing towards that big goal.  An example of this is setting a goal to weigh 30 pounds less by January 2017.  But in planning this goal, you don’t factor in that you will need to focus on an important subgoal of changing your negative self-talk which comes along with a bunch of other little bite sized bits for tackling.

I’m a firm believer in setting up a goal-ready environment for yourself.  This will mitigate some of those obstacles and make it easier to stay accountable.  And I know I’m using the word ‘goal’ a lot, so I apologize if that word is a trigger for you or simply makes you want to barf.  Lots of people talk about goals in a cheerleader style, RAH RAH in your face way that turns others completely off from goal oriented thinking.  Try to let those preconceptions go and work with me here.  So in setting up a space for yourself that will make goal journey-ing happy, you should consider the following potential obstacles that are in the way of a goal-ready environment:

Do you take time for yourself?  Or do you rush out the door and start the day scattered?

Do you make your breakfast at home and make space for fuelling your body?  Do you skip breakfast or pick something up on the way?

Do you start your day with some physical movement or mindfulness?  Or do you roll out of bed, onto the streetcar, and into your desk chair? (exaggeration, I know – but I like the visual)

Re-vamping your morning routine could make for a great sub-goal to one of your big dreams.  Check out my blog post here for some tips.

Do you get 7-8 hours?  Or do you squeak by with 5-6?

Do you make sleep a priority?  Or do you see it as a waste of time?

Do you keep a steady sleep rhythm – going to bed and waking up at approximately the same time everyday?  Or is your sleep schedule sporadic?

If your goal is to live healthier and have more energy, look at making sleep one of your vital sub-goals.

Do you make exercise a priority and find fun ways to incorporate it? Or do you see it as wasted time and fear many workout settings?

Lack of exercise is an obstacle that could get in the way of SO many big goals.  Movement makes for a better you and you can’t make a goal stick if your health isn’t serving you.  As a coach, I put this on the to do list for my clients no matter what they’re looking to achieve.

 Do you eat primarily whole foods and think of food as fuel? Or do you eat processed food and perceive eating as habitual?

Do you drink enough water?  Or you feel dehydrated, bloated, and headachy most of the time?

The power we have over what we eat is often taken too lightly.  You have the choice to poison your body (the vessel that you walk around in for your whole life) or nourish it and fuel it.  Check out the link to the book Eat to Live on my Resources page.

Do you feel proud of yourself and tell yourself regularly how amazing and worthy you are?  Would you speak to a friend or family member the same way you speak to yourself?

I think your answer to that question alone will indicate whether or not you need to evaluate your self-talk as a real barrier to your goals.  For more explanation about the powers of the mind, click here.

Now maybe you’re saying ‘woah back it up’ – I’m just trying to accomplish this one thing and now you’re asking me to tackle all of these wellness pieces too?!  But this is what I’m saying courage peeps!  We can’t get to the ideal situation stuff until we’re providing ourselves with the most love and goodness in the fundamental areas of our lives.  This is why when a client comes to me with a relationship objective and we stumble across attitudes that stem from being exhausted and cranky with each other on a day-to-day, it’s inevitable that we have to tackle their physical and mental wellness before we can address their relationship issue.  Your body and mind are the vessel that you’re in everyday – you carry YOU with you everywhere you go.  So if you’re not feeling well and not treating your vessel with what it needs and deserves, you won’t find that outside interactions with others are going to be up to your standards.  Our internal world is SOOOO key.  SO KEY.  And that is not a cheerleader voice I’m yelling in.

Tell yourself that you’re worthy and beautiful today.



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