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Hi beauties!  I am so grateful to have you here.

Welcome to The Courage Collective!  The birth of this represents so much for me and I hope its mission resonates with you and that it becomes a place you feel happy to visit often.

The Courage Collective was created over the course of some really courageous months.  When I stood back and looked at my career and the trajectory I was on, I decided to ask myself some hard questions.  Was the job I had, something I could see myself doing a year from now – or even a couple months from now?  Did I identify with the field of work and feel passionate about my place in it?  Did my job contribute to what fundamentally matters most to me – things like movement, mindfulness, creativity, and wellness?  I walked myself through a series of steps to dig deeper and answer those questions in a meaningful way.  It turned out that most of my answers were either ‘no’ or a ‘dissatisfied maybe’ and the reality is, I just couldn’t move on without doing something about it.  I spent weeks searching for jobs online, half-heartedly applying, and inevitably getting no results.  I took a step back from the job hunt and tried to simply identify the companies or organizations that I could see myself working with.  What came up for me in doing this, was troubling.  I couldn’t quite name the direction I wanted to go in, let alone the specific places I’d like to work.  So once again, I stepped back and thought only of the folks I’ve met over my time whom I really identified with and would aspire to be like in my life and career.  My mind automatically sailed back to a Toronto-based Life Coach I had the pleasure of doing one session with around 2 years ago.  I became hooked on this idea and began to write lists of the things that I was looking for in my day-to-day life and work.  I saw crystal clear alignments between this woman’s Life Coaching practice and what I was interested in pursuing.  I knew what mattered to me on the day-to day-was happiness, fulfillment, autonomy, creativity, writing, mentoring others, building interpersonal connections, eating well, staying active, and sharing an important message.  Life and Wellness Coaching felt like something I already did with my family and friends – I have always been that go-to listener, advisor, and support for the ones I love.  I have a keen interest in other people, their challenges, and helping them to overcome them – now I was just putting a title next to my name and building a platform and business to support me in it.  And voila!  The Courage Collective was born!

Well of course it wasn’t that easy, but the sheer joy that the process has brought me has been a real indicator of how happy-making my choice was.  I kicked off my knowledge building with an online course from the The Indian School of Business called ‘A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment.’  I was blown away by the simple ways in which we diminish our happiness everyday and how there are clear remedies for building happiness instead.  I was introduced to mindfulness again in a way that really stuck with me.  This course gave me more motivation to support people in living their best life – the tools are all there and the strongest one is your mind!  Following this course, I dove head first into a certification program from Certified Coaches Federation to become a Certified Life Coach Practitioner – another impactful experience that further motivated me in this journey.

After considering everything I’ve learned (and everything I’m still learning), I’ve taken the time to build my coaching business, The Courage Collective, on a foundation rooted in the authentic challenges/triumphs that I have experienced in my life and hope to support and empower others to face as well.  It’s called The COURAGE Collective for a reason people!  The leap to quitting my comfortable job, putting myself out there, and starting something new took a major amount of courage.  And this is why I know where you stand as a client.  I know what it feels like to be held back by fear, to judge yourself, and let your mind be your own worst enemy.  I know what it’s like to let others’ opinions (imagined or real) shape your reality when it isn’t the reality you want.  I know what it feels like to self-doubt, look in the mirror everyday and immediately pinpoint what needs ‘fixing.’  I especially know what it’s like to feel pressured, stressed, and overwhelmed on the day-to-day.  This doesn’t have to be us!  We can choose to rewrite our subconscious mind, create new healthy habits, practice self compassion, and still be the driven, goal setting bad asses we are!

So come on this journey with me.  You are an important part of this collective.  Let’s grow together, build our courage together, support each other on the challenging days, and celebrate each other EVERY DAY.

Remember, you are worthy and you are beautiful.  x


If these words strike a cord with you and you are interested in learning more about the One on One Coaching Packages and other services, click here.  Can’t wait to chat!


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