Courage Stories No. 1

Courage Stories.jpgWelcome to my first blog series – Courage Stories!  This series is made up of interview posts with budding quarter lifers who are tapping into their courage everyday and navigating these defining years in a really inspiring way.  I’ve nominated these folks for the following reasons: they have a sense of direction towards their goals and desired future, show creativity within their career path, and operate with a humble, honest self-confidence and drive.  Basically these peeps are killing it and you should know about it – BUT this isn’t just another way to compare yourself to another’s success…this is a chance to learn from someone else’s challenges, vulnerabilities, and current strategies for conjuring courage.

First up is a guy I really admire.  He is an innovative, change-making artist and someone who I think is living as a whole being every single day.  Moises Frank is kind, ambitious, creative beyond belief, and so REAL.  I asked him to answer the following questions and here’s what he said…

PS: You’re in for a treat!


“Moises Frank, also known as Luvsumone, is a young dude who is on a quest to greatness. Recently quit his job to focus on his art practice; his ambition has led him to nights with no sleep and days with no food. Two of his favourite things. In short, art is life.”

Instagram @luvsumone


What is your definition of ‘courage’?

Courage is doing something that you know is right but you are scared to do.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that 20 and 30 somethings face today?

The biggest challenge.. I mean besides getting your cat to stay still for a selfie or making sure to get the right angle of our food.. hmm life is pretty tough. Just kidding – In all seriousness, I think, and this is solely based on my own experience and learning through my friends; I think the biggest challenge is within ourselves. I think the challenge is finding what to do with yourself. As you become more independent and aware you have to start thinking what do I do now and where do I go, where do I belong and why, what is the point of it all?

What do you do everyday that inspires you and keeps you on track?

I think thinking is a vital thing to being Luvsumone. Stay positive and positive things will come!  #CheesyWisdom #100

What was the most recent risk you took?

So I just quit my part-time job to be a “full-time” artist. I am now in a situation where I either sink or swim. Art is my only income.

The risk in this, however, wasn’t quitting. The risk was in trusting myself.

I fail so many times everyday, but I know that I am learning from each mistake. In the bigger picture, the risk is worth the reward.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to find their direction and doubts their own abilities?

My advice is to keep struggling and keep looking. Never stay comfortable and never go stagnant. Right now is the most vulnerable and beautiful part. Search. Explore. Fail. Laugh. Play. Learn.

How do you stay confident?

Confidence was something that came over a long period of time for me. If you are doing the best you can and being the best you can then that is it. All you have is what you can do and all you can do is enough.

I think a good balance of confidence and humility is important though. It is super hard to stay confident when things are not going your way or when you can scroll through thousands of Instagram accounts that are a 100x ahead of you. I think believing in your progress and not in a final product is where I stay confident. I know that I am not one of the greats yet, but I am on a path to greatness and I am confident in that. Keep going and everyday your small self progressions will motivate you to stay confident in your walk.

What does your self-talk sound like?

The only difference between us and crazy people is that they say it out loud lol. Okay, I am going to let you in on some cheesy inner-deep-stuff.

I have had this inner dialog from as early as I remember. The tone of this voice is different for every situation. Sometimes its a big tough black guy and sometimes it’s a small soft white girl. I know.. #whitegirl. More often then not though its a bully ahah a good bully. My inner voice leaves me with no rest. Constantly pushing me to limits I didn’t know I could break. It doesn’t let me sleep (which I love nearly as much as painting), it doesn’t let me eat (which is my favourite pastime) and peer pressures me to have to many cups of coffee.

My self-talk is my passion speaking. And sometimes my passion is greater then my desire to eat and sleep. This drive within me is probably one of my biggest secrets. Often when I meet artists who are better than me, I will smile and shake their hand to their face, but low key… deep down inside I am finding a way and planning how I am going to get better than them. Imagining the next steps to take to get ahead and stay ahead of them. A champion may never rest.

And for those of you who are still wondering, sometimes the soft girl voice is just me looking at myself in the mirror and saying you are not a loser, you are not crappy, you are doing good, you are still learning. This is true. I talk to myself in the mirror a lot. More then I’ll admit 😛

What are you working on right now? What should we know about you and your current venture?

Right now as I type. I am working on finishing this chilly cheese dog from 7/11. It was maybe not a good idea hah. Don’t recommend it, the temporary satisfaction is not worth the long term outcome. “The risk wasn’t worth the reward” – My stomach

In regard to my art practice I am thinking about a new body of experimental work. I have recently made art exploring the topics of identity and breaking some ideologies of the graffiti mentality. I am focusing on being a better Instagram blogger (@luvsumone), better artist, friend, lover, human. – My heart and my mind

Thanks for actually reading all this yo! Hope you enjoyed, Peace + Love

That’s the wonderful Moises!  So what are you waiting for!?  Don’t wait a single second longer – go and check him and his artwork out.

Until next time, you worthy, beautiful beings.



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