FREE Resource: Creating Positive Self Talk

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Hey Everyone!  So as promised, I’ve put together this free resource for you.  An exercise that you can take some time out of your day to complete.  If you didn’t read my last post about self talk, I’d suggest hitting that up before you continue with this exercise.  It’s a chance to see inside of my mind and will most likely inspire you to look inside of yours.

So this exercise is for anyone.  Even if you’re like, ‘hey my self talk is killing it every day and I don’t need to change a thing.’  You can look at this exercise as a way to validate that and it can be an added positive to your regular self talk regimen.  For the majority of folks, this exercise will add major value to your life.  Your self talk could very well be the reason that you’re not reaching for the stars every single day!  You could be your own source of sabotage!!  Crazy, right?

I’d like to give you a little snapshot of this exercise and the reasoning behind why it works.  I’ve talked about the subconscious mind in the past on the blog so I’ll try to not bore you.

Here’s the deal:  all of your thoughts, beliefs, and feeling were created by events in your life (imagined or real).  You store all of this in your subconscious mind and when a similar event happens to you down the road, your subconscious sends forward an automatic response based on the thought, feeling, or belief that you decided on way back when.

Two important things to note!

One is that negative thoughts/feelings/beliefs communicate only with other negatives and same goes for positives talking only to positives.  The more of the one kind you have in your mind, the more negative or positive you will be when on ‘auto-pilot.’

Second important thing is that your mind doesn’t make the distinction between imagined or real events.  This is why some people can create really strong thoughts, feelings, beliefs about something even if they’ve never experienced it before.  If I’ve lost you, try reading this more extensive explanation here.

The exercise I will walk you through is the writing of a daily script.  This script is a way to intentionally feed your mind with positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and kind of trick it into imagining amazing outcomes.  Remember, your mind can’t tell the difference between if it’s actually happening or not so good things will manifest and your self talk will change.

Here’s what you need:

  • a quiet space
  • pen
  • paper
  • coloured pencils/crayons if you feel like doodling or something (this helps me think)
  • script template

Step One: Download and print the script template HERE.

Step Two: Find a focus for your script.  Select something in your life that you suspect your self talk is holding you back from achieving.  This can be as substantial or as minor as you’d like.  It doesn’t have to be tangible either, it can be a quality you’d like to have more of such as ‘confidence’ or ‘courage.’  Whatever it is, define it as clearly as you can.

Step Three: Write down what your current self talk sounds like around this goal or part of your life that you are being held back from.  So for example if what you’re looking to achieve is attending that fitness class that you’ve been meaning to go to for a long time, write down the narratives that pop in your mind every time you entertain the idea of going.  Perhaps it sounds like: “I won’t be good enough, I’ll embarrass myself, I’m not strong or coordinated, I’m afraid of the unknown.”  Write all that negativity down, get it out of your head and down on paper.  And then LET IT GO.

Step Four: Launch yourself into the future and imagine that you’ve achieved your goal or quality or whatever it is you wrote for Step Two.  Work from that mindset, from that place of success, and answer the four questions outlined on the worksheet.  Just list one or two word answers here.

Step Five: Now use the template to write your script.  Here’s an example of the script from my previously mentioned goal of attending a fitness class.  The content is organized in order of the questions in Step Four: name, goal stated, feeling, new self talk, surroundings, and lastly what others are saying.

Example Script: Brittany, you feel proud and confident now that you boldly go to any fitness class you please.  You are worthy, you are good enough, you don’t compare yourself to others.  You see no limits to your abilities and you move through class with a tall posture, assuredness, and joy.  Your friends and loved ones are proud of you, they are saying “Wow you are amazingly talented, you are becoming so much stronger, I wonder what you’ll do next!”  

I suggest that you record yourself saying the script and listen to it everyday.  Another option is to read it out loud to yourself.  Either way, in order to make real change, you need to make this practice consistent.  Do it every day, even when it’s difficult to listen to the words and get excited about your new state of mind.  Over time, your awareness of creating more positive self talk will be sharper and if you fully embrace this process, you will begin to see your self talk shifting and naturally using more of the words you’d like it to and less of the negative ones you don’t.  If you want to cover more than just one goal with your script, just do the exercise several times and add them together to make a longer write up.  If you enjoyed this exercise, share it with your friends!  It’s a great way to really step back and take a look at what’s going on up there.  Happy scripting!

Nurture your mind and remember you are beautiful and worthy and oh so courageous!




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