Courage Stories No. 4

Hey peeps!  We’re back this week with a new Courage Stories post.  If you don’t already know, this series is made up of interview posts with budding quarter lifers who are tapping into their courage everyday and navigating these defining years in a really inspiring way.  I’ve nominated these folks for the following reasons: they have a sense of direction towards their goals and desired future, show creativity within their career path, and operate with a humble, honest self-confidence and drive.  Basically they are killing it and you should know about it – BUT this isn’t just another opportunity to compare yourself to another’s success…this is a chance to learn from someone else’s challenges, vulnerabilities, and current strategies for conjuring courage.

This week, meet Julie Nolke.  She’s taken over Youtube with her cooking channel called Feeling Peckish.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this project evolve over the years and grow in its following and quality.  Julie’s perseverance and artistic vision is really inspiring to me.  This is a young person who knows what she’s good at and fused several of her strengths and passions together to make a career for herself. Check Julie’s channel out and jump on board so that you can stay up to date on what she’s doing. You’ll fall in love with her wit and the yummy dishes she cooks up in each video.

image.pngJulie is the writer and host of Feeling Peckish, an online series of entertaining cooking videos. The Feeling Peckish YouTube channel has a subscriber base of over 17 thousand people with 400,000 total views, 24,000 Facebook likes and 7000 Instagram followers. She also works very closely with Tastemade, a food & travel production company,  on a series of videos produced for the Snapchat Discover channel which reach an audience of roughly 2-3 million daily views. Julie is an actress who refuses to be a starving artist.

Youtube. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook.

What is your definition of courage?

Taking risks that make you vulnerable. Creating something that works and is successful and then destroying it to build something new and better.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that 20 and 30 somethings face today?

Life doesn’t organize itself on the same timeline as it did for our parents. There is pressure to buy a house, a dog and have kids but our careers take so much more time to get started.

What do you do everyday that inspires you and keeps you on track?

Watch other people’s videos that are better than mine.

What was the most recent risk you took?

I raised money through my audience for a short film I wanted to act in. Asking people for money sucks but I learnt very early on that if you want work as an actor, you probably have to make it for yourself.

What advice would you give someone who is struggling to find their direction and doubts their abilities?

Do what makes you happy today with all of your energy and hard work and get good at it. It will eventually evolve and the path will become more clear.

How do you stay confident?

I’m very up and down on confidence because of the industry I work in. Comments from viewers can be absolutely wonderful but can also ruin your week. I remind myself that I chose this path and all that comes with it and if I want to leave at any point I can. That usually gets me back into high spirits.

What does your self-talk sound like? 

“I’m good at this.”

What are you working on right now?  What should we know about you and your current venture?  

I am producing a short film which shoots in Alberta at the end of August.  The film is titled ‘Oil Men’ and is a far cry from our usual happy-go-lucky cooking videos.

A big thanks to Julie for giving us some insight into her courage journey!  Now what are you waiting for!?  Go watch some of her vids.  They’ll make you laugh and inspire you to get cookin’.

Love to all you worthy, beautiful beings.

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