Let’s Tackle Stress

let's tackle stress.pngQuarter lifers who are stressed to the max and grappling to find a sense of calm, need to intentionally make a plan for self love and care.  I think this is one of the best ways to combat stress – this and meditating (don’t hate if you haven’t tried) – because stressors in life are never going to go away but what will go away is self-neglect if you replace it with self-care.  That way, when stress does come around, you’re ready.  You, as a cared-for human, will cope with stress a helluva lot better with the grounded-ness and sense of strength that self love brings.

If being kind to yourself, taking a break, or actively reducing your stress levels are not habitual to you or a priority in your mind, there is no way you will make a change without sitting down, mapping it out, and committing to being mindful about it as you go forward. A big part of having more power over my own mind has been in getting to know myself better.  I have done this through activating some self care strategies that I wasn’t doing before.  These are little things like meditating, journaling, exercising, saying no more often, pampering myself, and practicing self compassion.

So because I want to give you a solid place to start, I created this Free Self Care Planning Resource.  All you need to do is download it, print it out, and get started.  Your first self care action is to make this plan.  Schedule it in your calendar and make it a priority.  The only person who can rain on your self care parade is you – because you’re the only one invited.  See the image below for a little sneak peek of this amazing free resource (I made it and I think it’s amazing).

And so now maybe you’re like,

‘Hey, I don’t even know how to slow down for a minute to do this and then if I did do that, I’d just be overwhelmed. Oh and what’s that about holding myself accountable?  What is that?  I can’t do that.’

Well my response to that is ‘enrol in a coaching program.’  In fact, there’s one I’ve created just for you stressed out bunch.  It’s super simple…just contact me to book a consultation, I send you an outline for how our sessions would go down (tailored to no one but you), and then we book our dates.  You get to spend a few hour long sessions with me or with me over Skype and we’ll whip your self care game into shape.  You can say BYE to letting your worried mind control your life and get in the way of all that good stuff you’ve got goin for ya. Don’t allow the stress of starting your life stop you from living one.  BOOM, take that one to the bank!!  Okay, I’m done now.

If you’re ready to download this bad boy, CLICK HERE –> Plan for Self Care and Love

Plan for Self Care and Love

To download, click here —> Plan for Self Care and Love

May your self care days become more frequent and more selfish 🙂





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