Why Being Fully Fearless Means Embracing Fear

We’re teaching women to embrace fear instead of avoiding it.  To listen to what their fear is saying and push through it.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it… The female empowerment event that I co-created and facilitate with an amazing team of strong, young women.  It’s called Fully Fearless, and it’s a one-day event led by females, for females. With our first event under our belts, we’re gearing up to offer another one this March!  And it’s going to be bigga and betta than the last.

Click here for all of the details and tickets.

I wanted to take a moment on my blog to talk a little bit about why this event series and mission means so much to me and fills my heart.  We created Fully Fearless with the intention of opening up a platform for women to come together in three different ways: through physical movement, social interaction, and personal development.  We have so much to give and so much to say to this community that we decided to offer this event seasonally and select a different theme for each one.  So you get more and voila! over time, a community forms.

First off, for me, there is something really powerful about connecting with other people by sweating and working hard next to them.  That’s why we incorporate a fitness class into each event.  Group fitness is such a rich space for building a team, a sense of camaraderie, and for breaking down barriers.  It has been my experience that women typically first meet each other with a facade on – especially when out of their comfort zones.   One of the things I love about Fully Fearless is how it gives our guests permission to let that front fall away and just be themselves.  We’re really explicit about dissolving the facade – there is space for everyone there and we want to feel each person’s uniqueness in the room.  No one’s sparkle shall be dulled!

We also put a lot of emphasis on the learning piece within the event.  Because learning is fun and important and makes life magical.  We tie the theme (March 11th is all about Self Love) to our mission of spreading fearlessness.  Our team has chosen to see fear as an indicator of growth.  We’ve made it our mission to redefine fear and move away from its negative connotations and instead, embrace the way in which it can fuel us, empower us, and help us to grow.  Just attending an event like this can stir fear for some folks which is in and of itself the first step to facing what we’re feeling.  You feel nervous about coming to Fully Fearless?  Okay, here’s your first chance to conquer…sign up.  Fear will inevitably come up – it’s how we decide to listen to it and own it that determines the outcome.

We also hold social time and space to connect with one another of utmost importance. You don’t just come to hang out with your own friends.  Oh no, we split ya up and have you makin’ conversation with other beautiful faces.  We really want to help foster some connections between guests and encourage friendships between women to be rooted in support, like-mindedness, and real trust.

If you hate having a fun workout, listening to great music, celebrating your female magic powers, learning new things, eating yummy snacks, and taking home sweet free swag, then Fully Fearless is NOT for you.

See what I did there?


So listen, tickets are running hella low.  Get your butt OVER to Eventbrite and buy a ticket. And then tell every single one of your friends to come too.  We need you there to make it amazing!

Until next time.



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